Solarman Remote Monitoring Setup for Mass Energy Inverters

To connect a new plant follow the initial setup guide, for existing plants follow the re-connection guide.


This guide was made for National Renewable customers with Solar Panels in Perth or South West Areas of Western Australia including Bunbury and Dunsborough, it is available for all to use.


1.Download & Install the Solarman Application from the Google or Apple Stores.


2. Click Build your plant.


3. Click No Device to Build your plant first.

4. Fill in the Plant Info for your Solar System and then click next.

Recommended/Required Settings:

Plant Address: Enter the Address the Solar System is Installed*

On-Grid Type: Select 'Distributed All Power on-Grid'

Capacity: Enter the size of the Solar System in kW.

Currency: Select 'AUD'


5. Register an account for Solarman.

6. Scan QR Code or Manually Add Datalogger Serial Number to Logger.

*The QR Code & Datalogger SN are located on the data logger, which is attached to the underside of the inverter.


7. Enter your WiFi password and click 'confirm'.

The WiFi network you are currently connected to will be the default selection. If this is not the case or a different network is required click 'Switch Network'. Select your WiFi Network, enter the password & click 'confirm'.

8. A request will be made to connect to the WiFi network of the Datalogger. Click 'connect' and select the WiFi Network with name 'AP_XXXXXXXXXX'.

Where 'XXXXXXXXXX' is the SN of the datalogger/inverter. In this Case 'AP_1701746274'. If the option to connect is unavailable click your home button (without closing the Solarman App), browse to settings, connect to the network 'AP_XXXXXXXXXX' and then return to the Solarman App.

If as password is required for the 'AP_XXXXXXXXXX' network, it can be found attatched to the datalogger.

9. The WiFi Datalogger will configure the connection to your WiFi.

10. Once complete Solarman will report 'Configuration Succeed'.

11. Click on the Intro Tab on your plant and then click installer.


12. Search for 'Nationalrenewableproject' and click the option with logo.


13. Click 'Connect plant to installer'


The configuration of the remote monitoring is now complete.