Hiportal Remote Monitoring Setup for Hypontech Inverters

To connect a new plant follow the initial setup guide, for existing plants follow the re-connection guide.


1.Download & Install the Hypontech Application from the Google or Apple Stores.


2. Click 'SIGN UP' up to create a Hiportal account.


3. Type in an email for the account, a password and then click the 'Send' button. You will receive a code in your email inbox to be typed in to the 'Verification Code' field. Once complete click 'SUBMIT'.




4. Login to the Account.




5. Click the Account button.


6. Click 'User Management'


7. Enter the installer ID, 00103, & click confirm.

7. Click 'Plants'



7. Click the '+' icon.

8. Enter the Name (Street Address), Inverter Capacity & Country, then click 'Next'


9. Click 'ADD MONITOR'

10. Scan the QR Code or Enter the SN & Key from the Datalogger

Example WI-FI STICK LABEL with S/N & Key

11. Minimise the Hiportal APP and Go to the WI-FI settings on your device and connect to the WI-FI Network - 'EAP-XXXXX'. Where 'XXXXX' are the last 5 digits of the Datalogger Serial Number.


12. Click the Account button.

13. Click 'Find Device'

14. Select WI-FI network, enter password and click 'Confirm.

The configuration of the remote monitoring is now complete.