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6.6kW Solar system installation in Melville, Western Australia by National Renewable

The 6.6kW solar system is now the standard sized system installed in Perth. This is because this is the biggest size system eligible for feed in, or export credits from the power company for excess power produced from the solar panels.

A system of this size will typically cover an average households day time power needs while still getting paid a credit from the power company to offset night time costs.

How much energy does a 6.6kW solar system in Perth produce?

There are many factors that can affect a systems output efficiency, however in Perth, a 6.6kW solar system typically has a 5kW inverter with 6kW panels (6.6kW) & will generate an estimated average of 26kWh of energy per day. This is assuming panels are installed with no shading issues on a north facing roof.

How much money can I save?

If all of the energy generated by the system is used, you can save upwards of $258 per month with a 6.6kW system. While keeping in mind that money saved is mostly determined by how much of the energy produced you actually consume, if you are not using all this energy and some of it is going back to the grid the savings will be less.

Which households should choose a 6.6kW solar system?

If you have limited energy consumption for example if you have a smaller household i.e. if there is only one person in the household or a retired couple with minimal energy requirements. For most households the 1.5kW solar system will not be large enough.

The 6,6kW solar system is great for Medium to Large houses with day time loads i.e. air conditioners, pool pump, multiple fridges and is also the most popular size system for family's with young kids or teens.

Will a 6.6kW solar system fit on my roof?

Depending on which panels are used and the layout of your roof, a 6.6kW system will comprise of ~18 solar panels which equates to about 36m2 of space required.

How much does a 6.6kW solar system cost?

Because every solar installation is different we cannot provide pricing before first assessing your individual installation and roof.

We can customize a system tailored to your individual needs, give us a call so we can discuss which package is right for you, and provide a design and quote your solar power systems price.

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