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Belhus  Battery Systems

Belhus Battery Systems

Don't miss out, battery systems are being installed rapidly all over Belhus in Perth.

Battery Systems Belhus All over Belhus Battery Systems are being rapidly installed.

Budget-conscious and environmentally-conscious Belhus homeowners are taking advantage of the 268 sunny or partially sunny Perth days to:

  • Save money on their electricity
  • Contribute to Australia’s missing net zero emissions target
  • Becoming self-sufficient in their own power generation

The team at National Renewable are able to design a quality solar power system that includes a battery system. These systems will be based upon your roof profile, what kind of shading may cover the roof at different times of day and how much power your household requires.

For family households, they can expect to experience immediate savings of $1000 to $1600 per year on power bills.

  • We give you a detailed written quote.
  • We quote on quality long lasting components, panels, inverters & batteries
  • We provide options and explain the differences and expected benefits clearly

At National Renewable our installation teams are highly experienced in all of the technical and equipment aspects of a installation. We ensure that after every installation we provide an excellent follow-up service to check that your system is operating at its best possible performance.

Call Your Local Perth Solar Consultant: (08) 6102 3441

Our admin office is in Leederville and our consultants can come to you for a roof inspection.

3 Simple Systems to Save All Homeowners

System 1

Existing Solar System Owner with Single Phase Electricity





System 2

New Solar System Owner with Single Phase Electricity






System 3

New Solar System Owner with Single Phase Electricity






Solar System Quote


Start Saving Big!

Why property owners in Belhus should contact National Renewable for Perth Solar Power System.

  1. Our solar consultants will identify your best options based on your home or business and take into consideration your objectives and wants.
  2. The quotes provided by our solar consultants will include a fixed price quote. Along with the quote they can provide your likely savings on your energy bill.
  3. Our booking and installation process is world class with efficient communication so you know what to expect and when.
  4. By working in teams and performing regular training our highly experienced solar installers are able to complete solar installations with maxium efficiency.

5 Reasons to choose us to install your Belhus home solar power system

  1. Affordable and Quality Solar Power At National Renewable we ensure that our solar systems are well-designed, cost-effective, and highly efficient.
  2. Battery Specialists: We specialise in the residential battery systems for on-grid and off-grid homes.
  3. We have worked with well known Perth companies: We have worked with and have great relationships with companies such as McDonalds, Red Rooster, Chicken Treat, BP and Brooks Hire.
  4. Experts in all things solar: Our team will be able to design the best possible solution for your home, including array design, system watt requirements and battery storage.
  5. Fully qualified: Our team are all fully qualified electricians. As well as accreditation to install solar from the Clean Energy Council.

*These numbers are based off an average 4×2 home, using a 32-degree angle 6.6kw system with most usage being during the day. The price of set up will vary depending on the location of panels. How many arrays (roof locations). Single storey or double etc. Our team will be able to give you an accurate indication of what you can save.

Home Solar System

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  • 6.6kw Solar System
  • 5kw inverter
  • Some homes with high usages can have up to 30kw
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Solar System with Battery

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  • Single Phase - 3k AC Battery
  • Single Phase - 3k ~ 6k AC Battery
  • Three Phase - 5k ~ 20KTL-3PH Battery
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Commercial Solar Systems

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  • Small-Medium-Enterprise Renewable alternative energy solutions
  • Tailored to Individual Business Needs
  • Ensure Maximum return on investment
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You may want consider the following solar decision criteria when looking to install a solar system.

  1. Do you plan to remain in your current residence for more than 5 years? – If the answer is yes, your solar system can be financially justrified. This is because the financial benefit from installing solar panels is greater the longer the system is installed.
  2. Is it possible to move power usage to during day light hours to maximise the solar power usage? For example, can I set the dishwasher to go on at 11.00 and everything is dry for when I get home from work. Can the pool, or the bore be run during the day. Can we use the washing machine during the day instead of at night. Can I put timers to switch off TV and stereo equipment each night at 11.00 and not switch back on until 5.30. Can I run the air conditioners from mid afternoon so the house is cool and paid for by solar and I can reduce their use in the evening.
  3. Do I want to reduce my power bill to be the smallest possible? Your roof has a certain amount of usable space and more efficient panels are smaller. But if you have ample roof space, you can generate more than you need with a lower budget.

When buying a new rooftop solar power system in Belhus Perth there are options that can impact you. Our highly experienced consultants and technicians will explain these options and the reasons that a which options will work best for you.

You choose as to whether you go for the absolute cheapest or the very best or a middle ground compromise. Whatever the choice we work to fulfil your goals.

Our Brands

Here is our shortlist of the best quality and most reliable solar panels available in Australia based on company history, quality, real-world performance, warrant conditions, service, and feedback from solar industry professionals.

  • Sunpower
  • REC
  • LG
  • Q Cells
  • Winaico
  • Hyundai
  • Trina Solar
  • Suntech
  • Solohart
  • PowerWave
  • Phono’s Solar
  • Longi Solar
  • Jinko Solar
  • JA Solar
  • Solar Edge
  • Solar Watt

Different solar panels have different efficiencies and some are better suited to more taxing environments. We will show you the price differences and the performance differences between manufacturers.

How Do You Choose?

Firstly, solar panels should be placed in a manner to maximise the amount of energy generated from each panel. This is done by ensuring that each panel performs to its optimum through all daylight hours, 365 days per year. What do you need to consider?

Shading: Panels in full sun will perform the best. If there is some shading during the morning or afternoon, this will have a negative impact on energy production. Therefore, placing panels facing north to south is ideal as they receive full sun all day.

Panel angles: The optimum angle for a solar panel to be placed is at a 25-degree tilt due to the Earth’s rotational axis. Having said that every house is different and this is only a recommendation, our design team will assess your home and be able to advise you on what angle will work best for your home.

North facing systems – Is north always best?: North facing systems will have the highest yield. Panels facing north in Perth at a 25 degree pitch will average around 4.5kWh/Units of power per kW of Solar Panels. North-facing panels at this pitch are good if you have a battery or want good winter yields.

However, they are very susceptible to low light in winter. The other problem with north facing systems is shading. During the middle of the day, shadows cast from buildings and trees move very fast across a north-facing solar system.

Talk to our team today to find if north-facing is the best option for your home.

East facing systems: East-facing panels are the least productive type of solar panel orientation. They are offset by about 90 degrees however still receive morning sun which is good for charging batteries. These types of installations will average around 3kWh/units of power per kW of Solar Panels. Once again though always talk to a professional to get the best for hour home.

Individual design: Solar companies that want the best for their customers will take all of the above information into consideration and create a design that will tick all of the boxes. Our team will take time to think over which solar strategy will work best for you.

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!

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